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The project is part of the "Factories of the Future-Public-Private Partnership" programme for research and innovation in the manufacturing sector (FP7-2013)

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Empa is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development within the ETH Domain. Empa’s research and development activities are oriented to meeting the requirements of industry and the needs of our society, and link together applications-oriented research and the practical implementation of new ideas, science and industry, and science and society.

Empa conducts cutting-edge materials and technology research, generating interdisciplinary solutions to help overcome major challenges faced by industry, and creates the necessary scientific basis to ensure that our society develops in a sustainable manner.

The Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics is involved in the scientific research, development and characterization of advanced ceramics and composites for structural, and increasingly for functional, applications. With our primarily technologically-based orientation, we have established a leadership position for ourselves in Switzerland.

In cooperation with project partners, we conduct targeted feasibility studies in our specialized processing laboratories to find new solutions to problems in the field of materials. Special emphasis is placed on “high risk” projects in the areas of nanostructuring, energy research and damage-tolerant ceramics, and results are subsequently published in recognized scientific journals.

Using successful demonstration projects and prototype batches as a basis, the Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics strives to bring the attained knowledge to fruition in the form of scale-up projects with industrial partners.

The Laboratory for Joining Technologies and Corrosion possesses strong competencies in the fields of (e.g. brazing, soldering, diffusion bonding, alloy design), corrosion, electrochemistry, functional and passive oxide films, nano-materials and nano-structured coatings.

Innovative and sustainable materials and technologies for joining and corrosion management are developed in close-collaboration with leading industries in the fields of aerospace and automotive technologies, civil engineering, machine tooling, power generation, medical implants, packaging, microelectronics and sensing devices.

EMPA team:


Jakob Kübler


Prof. Dr. Jolanta Janczak-Rusch


Dr. Gurdial Blugan



ADMACOM project: dissemination

ADMACOM project: dissemination

ADMACOM disseminates and promotes project results through the participation to different European congresses and conferences.


ADMACOM workshop: September 14th - 15th, 2016

ADMACOM workshop: September 14th - 15th, 2016

The workshop aims to present innovative manufacturing technologies based on advanced design of interfaces and of joining materials for aerospace components.
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