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The project is part of the "Factories of the Future-Public-Private Partnership" programme for research and innovation in the manufacturing sector (FP7-2013).

Advanced manufacturing routes for metal/composite components for aerospace

If the issues related to joining Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) to dissimilar materials are solved, CMC will be much more extensively used to produce several 'hybrid' structures, constructed of two or more different types of material, each contributing with unique properties and complementing the properties of the other for several applications strategic for the EU, such as aerospace applications, but not restricted to them: other applications can be gas turbines for energy production, wind energy, furnace technologies, security (ballistic materials), automotive, trains and friction materials (ceramic brake discs).

The concept behind ADMACOM (Advanced manufacturing routes for metal/Composite components for aerospace) is that novel, reliable and efficient joining of dissimilar materials is a powerful manufacturing tool for enabling a speedy drive towards innovation and efficiency of several key EU industrial products, such as new composite materials for aerospace, one of the main EU leading commercial sectors.

A wide number of new composite and ceramic materials with exceptional properties such as high thermo-mechanical and thermo-chemical resistance and low density compared to traditional materials (i.e. metals and polymers) are available in the EU market, but their use is limited to very few applications because of the problem of joining them reliably. Just to cite a few possibilities: fibre reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC, e.g. SiC/SiC, C/SiC, C/C or Al2O3/mullite) could be used right now to replace existing aerospace components. This will contribute to the increasing demand for novel components with improved properties such as light weight for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission. To enable this, the joining of CMC and ceramic to metals needs to be easier, more rapid, and possibly permit inspection and repairing.


ADMACOM project: dissemination

ADMACOM project: dissemination

ADMACOM disseminates and promotes project results through the participation to different European congresses and conferences.


ADMACOM workshop: September 14th - 15th, 2016

ADMACOM workshop: September 14th - 15th, 2016

The workshop aims to present innovative manufacturing technologies based on advanced design of interfaces and of joining materials for aerospace components.
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